ePhoto Transfer - iOS Photo Transfer App via Wi-Fi

Drag ‘n drop photos and videos from your iPad/iPhone to Mac or PC wirelessly.

Share videos and photos with other iOS devices, like using AirDrop on Mac.

Wireless Photo Transfer

Turns your iPhone/iPad into a USB drive, then you can drag and drop photos and videos between your iOS device and your computers. There’s no additional software needed, no cables necessary, and you don’t even need iTunes.

Descover other iOS devices on the same Wi-Fi network and direct transfer photos and videos between them, like using AirDrop on Mac.


Your photos and videos go direct from your Camera Roll to your destination folder, with no intermediate steps, and no need to zip files before transferring. It’s as simple as click, drag and drop.

drag photos from camera roll

Drag & Drop

Drag files right from your Camera Roll, with no need to zip them. Drop them where you want, when you want.

drop photos to cameral roll

Drop to Your Device

Drop files directly into your Camera Roll, without the hassle of a browser upload. Save time, hassles and frustration.


We ensure your privacy is protected at all times – monitor all activity, allow or block access requests and set custom passwords for your shared media.

View your progress

While Windows and Mac might not care about showing accurate progress, our app is always correct.

Block access when needed

While other apps put your data in danger, we let you block people you don’t know.

Authenticate and authorize

Customize your password and get peace of mind about unauthorized access.


ePhoto Transfer gives you blazing speeds. You’ll never have to suffer with the slow iTunes process or dread dealing with iCloud again.

simple to use

Simple to use

ePhoto Transfer works anywhere, anytime and with any type of Wi-Fi connection, including personal hotspots.

select and share

Select and share

Select the files you want to share and slash sync time dramatically by cutting out unnecessary items in the sync.

More Features

ePhoto Transfer offers much more, including the ability to directly view photos on another iOS device, name and organize your photos and more.

many more features

Download today, and enjoy ePhoto Transfer’s simplicity.